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She dreams of becoming an actress and plans to start a band called Bitti. One night, after a chaotic fight with her friends, she ends up getting kidnapped by a mysterious-looking man who drives a black car. After a tiring journey, she meets with three handsome young men who are also employees of the same organization. The man tells them that they are participants in an internship program, and they are to come across with a pair of shoes that he has with him. The task is simple, but the consequences are grave. One of the protagonists, who is an expert at kung fu, warns Bitti against entering into the company of the mysterious-looking man. However, she is determined to find out the truth. Meanwhile, the mystery man warns Bitti not to reveal the truth to anyone, including the three handsome men. Ankita Sethi plays the role of Bitti in her debut film. She portrays the character of a free-spirited girl who is very aware of her feminine charms. She gets undressed in front of the camera and flaunts her figure in different saree sequences. Bitti has a few comic scenes, but the film’s star performance is by Saurabh Shukla, who plays the role of the handsome young man. He looks elegant in the casuals that he wears in the film, and he gets lucky on his first try. His dance sequences are particularly noteworthy, and he is an efficient performer on the dance floor. The director has also made sure that the film does not have any unwanted songs. Another of the protagonists, the knowledgeable one, plays the role of a man who is not into sugar-coating things. He bluntly narrates to Bitti that she is a waste of space. However, he has a soft corner for her, and he takes a leaf out of Bitti’s book. He wears a casual, but he has a few “gripping” scenes with Bitti. Dilne Dilne is a racy comedy that has an acceptable story line. In addition to the amusing scenes, there is a small measure of action and romance. We can only recommend Bitti to those looking for a bit of entertainment on the weekend.(CNN) The explosive revelations from Michael Cohen's plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller made a lasting impression on President Donald Trump's loyalists -- from his own attorney to his top political strategist.




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HD Online Player (Bareilly Ki Barfi Movie In Torrent D) kaemarg

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